Aarushi Menon

is a graphic designer with a passion for grid systems, gradient maps, and the color green.

Book Covers/Interiors︎︎︎



Bookworm Book Club Prep Kit
Bookworm’s Book Club Prep Kit is a hypothetical seven-part kit designed for the most “sinful” of book clubs, where participants care more about their base desires than they do about literature. Each item is based on one of the seven cardinal sins (as they relate to book club-going) tied to a famous literary doppelganger whose story relates closely to the sin.

I chose doppelgangers as the focus of this design concept because in literature they often serve to lead their counterpart morally astray, which I felt was fitting for a book club full of unwilling or status-seeking members.

Featured on World Brand Design Society︎︎︎

Photography by Snigdha Gopidi︎︎︎

Wired Spectacles
sloth: for the one who was too lazy to read the book

Eau de Parfum
lust: for the one who came to flirt

Wooden Gavels
envy: for the one who craves attention

Assorted Bonbons
gluttony: for the one who’s always snacky

Compact Mirror
pride: for the one who’d rather be looking at themselves

Wine Glasses
avarice: for the day-drinker

Cheese Knives
wrath: for the one who gets aggressive about their opinions