Aarushi Menon

is a graphic designer with a passion for grid systems, gradient maps, and the color green.

Book Covers/Interiors︎︎︎



Broughton Street Entertainment District
Broughton Street paves the way for a space that’s diverse, interconnected, and cognizant of both its historical and contemporary significance.

This hypothetical promotional campaign for Broughton Street features a bold visual identity and sample communication materials to help establish Broughton Street as a leading entertainment district.

Herringbone Motif
In 2022, Broughton Street went under construction to replace the mismatched paving on the sidewalk with a single style of paving, intended to unify its look and feel, as well as provide better ADA compliance. I felt that the new herringbone paving, with its interlocking bricks, served as an apt metaphor for both the diversity and sense of interconnectedness that define Broughton Street.

Environmental Graphics
These murals use the new herringbone paving on Broughton Street as a guideline to create a basic wayfinding system that would make the experience of walking down Broughton Street interactive and fun.