Aarushi Menon

is a graphic designer with a passion for grid systems, gradient maps, and the color green.

Book Covers/Interiors︎︎︎



Dreamlike Sleep Tonics

Dreamlike is a hypothetical beverage brand that creates sleep tonics to help people with insomnia achieve restful sleep while enhancing the vividness of their dreams. For this project, I designed bottle labels and a point-of-purchase display.

The labels’ design concept centers around the idea of “sleeping like a baby” but with a little something extra. Each drink in the line features a different oneirogen (dream-altering substance) as its main ingredient, paired with a different dream type. The labels use imagery of a child's cot surrounded by graphic, esoteric illustrations that link back to the type of dream associated with the beverage. The supporting copy on the labels explains the dream types and their relationship to the tonic’s featured oneirogen.

Featured in The Dieline Student Week Showcase︎︎︎

Point-of-Purchase Display
The point-of-purchase display brings the visual language of the child's cot and floating icons into a three-dimensional space. I assembled the structure with laser-cut plywood, vinyl stickers, and paint.