Aarushi Menon

is a graphic designer with a passion for grid systems, gradient maps, and the color green.

Book Covers/Interiors︎︎︎



Nature+Preserve Magazine
Nature+Preserve is a magazine that aims to introduce eco-friendly practices to environmentally-conscious tourists. Each issue takes the reader to a different region around the globe, highlighting locations known for their beautiful natural environments. The articles discuss the impact of tourism on these natural landscapes and the overdevelopment of popular tourist attractions. Readers are given insight into how they can be ethical tourists and contribute to the preservation of these areas.

For the image treatment, I wanted to evoke associations with fossilization, asserting the subconscious idea of species extinction and highlighting the gravity of modern environmental degradation. By combining a traditional, printed look with digitized elements, the magazine maintains that nature and humans can live side by side as long as we ensure our continued stewardship of the planet.

Young Ones TDC Typography: Books/Editorial, Shortlist 2023